Google is bringing back “best viewed with browser X”, evolved

And the idiots are applauding.

With Chrome packaged apps, Google is creating a “web” exclusively for Chrome. They let developers use non-standardized APIs and NaCl and publish “web apps” that work differently or even exclusively in Chrome!

You know that thing about the web standards purpose of making pages accessible by any browser? “Scrap it, we are Google and we want the web to be OUR OWN PLATFORM. Happy 5th anniversary for our initiative of turning the web platform our propriety.”

And no, there’s no lack of examples of that happening today already. Check The Mill.

This is what you’re supporting when you use Google Chrome. Think about it.

Bookmarks is at it again, being pedantic and demanding Opera Software to set their priorities in order to satisfy personal wishes.

Actually they’re spreading FUD saying bookmarks isn’t one of the developers’ priorities, which is not true: since the “quick access” bar being developed on Opera 17 is part of the bookmarks feature, it means it’s definitely one of their priorities. They’re just getting this initial implementation bug-free out in their rapid release cycle so the next versions will include more improvements which will be shaping the bookmarks feature until it reaches its complete implementation in a future update.

Even reported bookmarks are coming back before. It’s known. The developer Odin Hørthe Omdal was just noting that while they’re working to bring the feature back, they have other things in their roadmap which are taking their time so using an extension for organizing your bookmarks now will be faster than waiting for a fully featured bookmarks manager.

According to usage statistics, about 90% of the Opera desktop users don’t use the classic bookmarks feature, therefore resorting to the Speed Dial and sessions to store the desired pages. Obviously the community is bigger than the group of people who can’t live without bookmarks. We have nothing against the implementation, but we also want other things that keep the finite number of developers busy.

The Red Voice is born

To counter the wave of negativity and FUD some individuals are spreading about the new generation of Opera browsers, The Red Voice rises.

Enough! Claims that Opera is now a Google Chrome clone the likes of Softpedia are spreading will be debunked!

Enough of “RIP” comments! Opera is not dead, it was reborn as a faster, more stable and compatible browser.

We will be posting opinionated web browser news, tips, and telling the world why we #chooseopera!